Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (F.I.V)

Although most people have heard of F.I.V. (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus that can progressively wakens a cat’s immune system, there are many misconceptions about it.

This has regrettably led to mass euthanasia of healthy FIV positive cats and resulted in a miserable existence for others, due to poor advice being given to keep infected cats quarantined. People discovering that their cat has tested positive for F.I.V. are often pressurized to euthanize their pet.

Mann Cat Sanctuary’s policy towards F.I.V. is that routine euthanasia of healthy F.I.V. positive cats is wrong and unnecessary due to the following reasons…

Humans, Dogs and other animals CANNOT catch F.I.V.

F.I.V. can only be transmitted between members of the cat family is spread mainly through deep penetrating bites. F.I.V. positive cats may be healthy for many years before developing symptoms due to full blown F.I.V. Cats that have developed full blown F.I.V. can be treated with drugs to offset the weakened immune system.

They can often be maintained for a long time, but once they become terminally ill, they eventually stop responding to treatment and then be put down on humane grounds.

The highest risk group of cats are un-neutered males as their aggressive behaviour leads to many battles with other un-neutered males, resulting in infected wounds.

Therefore, neutering cats, especially males is a highly effective way of preventing the spread of F.I.V.

Mann Cat Sanctuary strongly disagrees with the practice of some charities and veterinary surgeons who automatically euthanise infected cats. Basically, a diagnosis of F.I.V. in a healthy cat should not mean a premature death sentence.