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The conservatory adjoins the lounge and there is always plenty to be seen. We have two electric fires in this room with very big beds in front of them that can accommodate numerous cats at one time. At the far end of the room is our tree of life, where leaves are bought either whilst visiting the sanctuary or from our online gift shop and placed on the tree. These are often bought in memory of a sponsored resident or a supporter’s own cat that has passed away.

There is always plenty of activity to be seen and enjoyed on the lounge webcam. The lounge, joined with the conservatory, houses the majority of the residents and on open days it is the main entrance to the sanctuary where visitors enjoy sitting with the cats, feeding them Dreamies and also purchasing goods from our in house gift shop. It’s also a good place to see some of our popular residents at feeding time as a couple of oldies have their own dish of food.

Our latest camera gives you an alternative, second view of the Lounge from the rear door, facing the entrance.

The Willows is an area that has replaced our ancient aviary, we were desperate for more peaceful space to keep our cats that are blind, very elderly, take fits, or have medical problems that make them unsuitable for an outside life, this area is perfect, and the answer to our prayers. Thank you to Enid from America for all her help and also for naming the new room after her precious cat Willow, who she lost recently, and also thanks to the Kaiser Trust for all their help

The Rowanberry complex has replaced our twenty year old porta cabins, one of which was the feral house, and this is one of the rooms from the Rowanberry. This room is presently occupied by a group of cats that came to us from Cyprus and during the daytime they can come and go through the open door.