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The conservatory adjoins the lounge and there is always plenty to be seen. We have two electric fires in this room with very big beds in front of them that can accommodate numerous cats at one time. At the far end of the room is our tree of life, where leaves are bought either whilst visiting the sanctuary or from our online gift shop and placed on the tree. These are often bought in memory of a sponsored resident or a supporter’s own cat that has passed away.

Thie Noa is Manx for new house. This building was our aviary for some years and we had to convert it due to our ever growing numbers. This worked well as the birds and rabbits moved into a new-built aviary which is much better for them and Thie Noa became the peaceful and relaxing room we needed it to be. Some new residents are initially put in here and also a few oldies like to live in here as well, as it is quiet for them. The useful factor with Thie Noa is that it has a cat flap to an enclosed outdoor area, allowing the occupants free access to fresh air.

There is always plenty of activity to be seen and enjoyed on the lounge webcam. The lounge, joined with the conservatory, houses the majority of the residents and on open days it is the main entrance to the sanctuary where visitors enjoy sitting with the cats, feeding them Dreamies and also purchasing goods from our in house gift shop. It’s also a good place to see some of our popular residents at feeding time as a couple of oldies have their own dish of food.

This webcam has proved very watchable to our followers as regular sanctuary visitors are not permitted to see the feral house – it is an exclusive to the webcams! Many sanctuaries are operating a catch, neuter and release programme, where we do not. We catch the ferals and neuter them but also then give them a permanent, safe home where they know they will never be in doubt as to where their next meal is coming from or if they are going to be warm for the night. You can enjoy seeing how the feral cats live here and watch all their nightly antics as after we feed them and turn their heat on, they are then left in peace for the night. They too have access to outdoors, not enclosed outdoors as they deserve their freedom but as you can imagine, they all make sure they are back for their tea and a place under the heaters! You may also recognise the odd visiting resident escaping for some peace through the day!

The Willows is a new area that has replaced our ancient aviary, we were desperate for more peaceful space to keep our cats that are blind, very elderly, take fits, or have medical problems that make them unsuitable for an outside life, this area is perfect, and the answer to our prayers. Thank you to Enid from America for all her help and also for naming the new room after her precious cat Willow, who she lost recently, and also thanks to the Kaiser Trust for all their help