We received a call from a very concerned man who was working in his garden in the Abbeylands area of the island. He explained that two cats were chasing this very frightened cat and eventually she ran into his garden shed where he was able to shut the door on her. He then rang us to see what he should do and we thought it to be for the best that he brings the cat to us. The cat was about four to five months old and we named her Abbey due to where she was from. She was domesticated however no owner has ever come forward for her. Although domesticated, Abbey was in quite a poor state when she arrived and it was obvious that she had been fending for herself for a long time and she was quite underweight. She began veterinary treatment and when she was old enough and well enough she was spayed. Abbey is now fully grown although she is still petite but loves her food. She now regularly goes outside and really enjoyed some of the snow we had this recent winter. We are sure she is looking forward to meeting some visitors this year and should you sponsor her she would love to meet you too!