Aurora & Lola


Lola and Aurora are a beautiful pair of cats and are mother and daughter. They are so inseparable that we have decided that they can’t even be separated for sponsorship so we’re giving you the chance to sponsor both of them! Lola is the mother and is four years old and Aurora is three.

Lola and Aurora’s owners had several small children and were expecting another. At this stage they had decided that they couldn’t keep the cats, they couldn’t afford to the upkeep of them or to have them spayed. It was agreed after speaking to them that they could be brought here to the sanctuary.

They were housed in our new room, ‘The Willows’ and didn’t find it difficult to settle at all as they had each other, and it was clear from the start how close they are and even now they are inseparable and somewhat dependant on each other. They were spayed, vaccinated and chipped as soon as they arrived and were an instant hit with everyone here and they love the attention! Due to their colours they can be seen very clearly on the webcam for that room and our followers regularly enjoy watching them.

They will be out and out just in time for the summer opening and so we are expecting them to be very popular with visitors and we think this is a good opportunity for you to become a sponsor to a pair of residents!