BB is a fairly new resident here at the sanctuary and we are sure in time she will become one of the main characters here.

BB has had to travel a very long way to find herself at the sanctuary, with her life beginning in Canada! She was brought to the island towards the end of 2018 after spending some weeks in the UK. However she had not been on the island long at all when we received the call asking if she could be brought here. We are not exactly sure of the reason as to why this happened but nevertheless BB was brought to the sanctuary.

BB, like the majority of new residents, went into the cabin and quickly made her presence noticed! It was quickly apparent, possibly due to her breed, that she is a very strong minded and determined lady! She is not an aggressive cat but lets the other cats and volunteers know what she wants and she makes sure she gets what she wants! Her favourite meal is the Applaws chicken and she lets us know when she wants some instead of waiting to be served it like the others! BB would certainly expect herself to be sponsored, would you like to be the one sponsoring her?