Bluebell and her sister, Blossom, had been producing kittens on a regular basis to provide their owner’s pocket money. We were contacted by the owner to take them as she said she couldn’t look after them anymore, however one piece of information she failed to tell us, was that they were both heavily pregnant and we didn’t realise this until they were brought in. When they were brought in, we instantly saw a likeness to Timothy and Ella-Bella and we were certain that they all came from the same source.

They were very close and within a week of arriving they produced their kittens together at the same time! We made a sort of den in the corner of the room they were in, so that it was dark and quiet for them and between them they produced twelve tiny kittens. The kittens weren’t the healthiest but the main problem after this was Bluebell and Blossom. This was one litter too many for them and they were exhausted. They became quite emaciated and were having difficulty feeding so many kittens. We did everything we could to help them, including bottle feeding the kittens and feeding Bluebell and Blossom the best food we had. With quite a few problems on the way, they did manage to rear all their kittens and they were then spayed.

Bluebell and Blossom’s lives had completely changed and although they both had a bright future to look forward to, one day in February 2016, we found Blossom very ill and lifeless. We had no idea what was wrong with her as she was fine the night before and although we rushed her to Dr. Ruth, there was nothing that could be done for her and she very sadly died. It came as a shock to Bluebell as the pair had been together their whole lives and Bluebell now looks to us for more company now Blossom is gone. Bluebell would love to have you as her sponsor and she is looking forward to spending time with the visitors during the open days.