From time to time, we have had cats resident here which are diabetic. Having a diabetic cat can be difficult sometimes and also serious when it isn’t diagnosed. Unusually two of the cats new to us this last year, were both diabetic and this is their stories.

Firstly, we were alerted about a rather beaten up looking Tom cat that had been hanging around someone’s garden. We put a trap down and very soon after the cat was in there. We brought him here to us and he was indeed in a pretty poor state. He obviously had a fair bit of age to him and we took him to the vets to be neutered. He was neutered and came back to us where he began to settle down and improve, grateful for warmth, food and comfort. He wasn’t terribly wild and it’s quite often for Tom cats to come into us wild and very quickly tame, we often think they are previously domesticated cats that have wandered to follow a female scent and become lost. We called him Bruce and after a couple of months, he was a friendly cat and enjoyed fuss from us.

After more time, he was losing weight and looking generally unwell. He failed quite quickly and one day, he had a bit of a psychotic episode in Thie Noa where he was living. He wasn’t well at all after it and we were all very worried for him. Our initial thoughts what that there was some sort of brain injury or damage, we booked him in straight away to see Dr. Ruth and the next day, we took Bruce up to see her. After some tests were run, Ruth confirmed to us that Bruce was diabetic and would require daily injections of insulin. He stayed for a few days with Ruth and after a few ropey days he was well enough to come back to us.

On his return, Bruce was better than when he went up to the vets but was a shadow of what we knew him to before he deteriorated. We were happy to have him back and he began having his daily injections. He quite quickly improved and the injection needles are so fine he doesn’t even know he’s having them. A few months on and Bruce has now put weight back on and is back to normal. He has made a lovely, friendly cat and enjoys fuss of anyone.