A gentleman contacted us advising us that his female cat, Chloe, was pregnant and asked if she could come to the sanctuary. He said that she was young but had already had several litters beforehand and he couldn’t cope with her having another litter. We didn’t hesitate to say that Chloe could come here. We prepared a room in our Rowanberry building ready for her. In one corner we put a hooded bed which pregnant cats always like to give birth in as they feel safe and secure. It wasn’t long after her arrival that Chloe went into labour.

All went well with her birth and she gave birth to three kittens. Having had plenty of experience she was an excellent mother and reared her kittens without issue. Once the kittens had reached a suitable age, we took Chloe to Dr. Ruth to be spayed. We believed this was her seventh litter and she had spent her entire short life having litter after litter. The kittens turned into very attractive ones and after several months we homed them as a trio to someone who has had cats from us before and they are all doing very well and enjoying their new home and life.

Chloe is a very sweet girl and has adapted to life here well. She still sleeps in the room in the Rowanberry building where she reared her kittens and now has some friends in their with her at night. She enjoys being outside and playing in the fields.