Cocoa came to us with a rather sad but common story here at the sanctuary.

We were contacted by the family of the elderly lady who owned Cocoa, to say that the owner was now residing in a residential home. At the age of 12, Cocoa wasn’t a young cat either but unfortunately nobody in the family was able to take Cocoa on despite the best efforts, so Cocoa came to live at the sanctuary.

It is never easy when a cat of Cocoa’s age is brought to us, especially when they are used to one-to-one company with an elderly owner. On many occasions they struggle to adapt to life with other cats and can pine for their owner. On arrival, Cocoa began living in the ‘cabin’, near to the main cattery with large windows and plenty of activity for her to watch.

Surprisingly, Cocoa settled really well, she is quite vocal and enjoyed having a chat with Warren every morning and the other volunteers in the afternoons. She had a mixture of elderly and young cats in the room and the young cats kept her on her toes! After a few weeks we started to let her out and she would wonder outside for some fresh air and then return back into the warm cabin. However whilst out one morning and following Warren around, she saw him going towards a much larger cabin, ‘The Willows’. She followed him inside and thought “this is the place for me” and she has never left! She does venture outside but only when the weather is nice however she is easy to spot on the Willows  webcam with her dark tortoiseshell colour.