Jessica is a delightful girl who has lived at MCS for around eight years. She was brought to us by her owners as she had lost all of her sight and as they lived in a busy area with
traffic they decided it wasn’t safe for her to continue living there.
We started her in Thie-Noa, however, she wasn’t happy in there at all and quickly became distressed so we then tried her in the cabin. She enjoyed it more in there and began learning her way around the room. Jessica is very fussy with her food but she does enjoy chicken Applaws and she doesn’t have very much to look forward to so we make sure she eats plenty and likes what she eats. As you can see from her photo, Jessica is long haired but she does look after herself and manages her coat extremely well.
She is very affectionate and loves to sit on people’s shoulders, but due to her lack of sight, she doesn’t venture outside the cabin unsupervised! If you sponsor her, Jessica
would love to sit on your shoulder!