Some of you may remember reading on our Facebook page about Gypsy, a torty feral that had been living in the west of the island for several years. She had been living around the same garden and a home owner was feeding her.

We had been trying for a long time to trap Gypsy as she would regularly disappear from the garden for a while and then return with a litter of kittens. When the kittens were then several months old we would trap them and bring them to the sanctuary. Unfortunately though we could never catch Gypsy and so again, a few months on, the same process would begin again with more kittens. On one particular occasion when we had trapped her latest litter, we decided enough was enough and we put a lot of work and hours in to catching Gypsy and, eventually, we had success!

The kittens from her last litter, as always went to live in the feral house and one in particular, this very attractive torty became very animated and friendly. She moved herself into the main cattery quickly and began interacting with the volunteers and visitors and pushing herself forward for attention!

She is now called Lottie and is a real character now, very cheeky and affectionate and she would love to be sponsored!