Luke who is a grey Manx cat, came to the sanctuary with his sister, Evie, as they were living in a very dirty, small flat and were quite wild making it difficult for their owners to manage them.

Luke and Evie are brother and sister and we had the greatest of difficulties putting them into baskets to bring them to the sanctuary, they were also both not neutered. As soon as we saw Evie we realised that she was heavily pregnant and the only possibility was that Luke was the father! Due to this Evie would go to abort her kittens which were badly deformed and as they weren’t that close Evie, who tamed very well, is now in a lovely home.

Luke hasn’t tamed as well as Evie he seems to want attention but doesn’t know how to interact and will still run away once approached. He lives in the main area mainly the conservatory and can be easily spotted on the webcams due to him being very dark grey and Manx. He is also very playful and likes to run around the conservatory and lounge chasing and hitting balls!

He would like a sponsor or two but will probably not come and sit on your knee just yet although that is a working progress!