Millie is one of our residents from overseas. Millie, who is totally blind, was homed from a centre we work closely with in Cyprus, called Tala cats, to a man who lived in Manchester, England. Sadly, despite his very best efforts, Millie wouldn’t settle into his home. She was agitated and would howl for long periods of time. So we were called to see if it was possible for Millie to come here. We then spoke to the man and it was apparent he really had tried everything and wanted what was best for her, so we agreed that Millie could come here.
Millie arrived and we put her in the cabin, with several of our elderly residents. Millie seemed very contented and relaxed. She was very affectionate, loved the attention and was also very happy around other cats. This led us to think that the problem in her home may have been that she was missing the company of the colony she had been used to. We didn’t have any issues at all with Millie and Dr. Ruth also confirmed she is in no pain with her eyes. She struck an unlikely friendship with Walter, who came to us several years ago from Qatar and is also blind. Walter wasn’t known for being friendly with his fellow residents but really likes Millie and the pair often sit together. She has access to our ‘Catio’ and enjoys climbing the tree, which she has no trouble with. .