Mimi & Gigi


Mimi and Gigi are a delightful pair. They came to us from Dubai and we presume they are sisters. We were contacted by a lady from the UK, whose daughter was working there as a school teacher. She explained that she had been feeding several cats for several years but that new management at the school wasn’t happy for her to continue feeding them due to a new policy. She began trying to home the cats and eventually managed to home all of them except two, Mimi and Gigi. There was an increasing threat from some workers at the school that they would poison the cats if they weren’t removed from there soon, and this led to the lady’s mother calling us to see if they could come here. We were happy for them to come here, they were spayed and for them to be eligible for travel, they needed passports which were soon obtained and their trip to the island was booked.
Mimi and Gigi flew into the UK and after an overnight stay, they were brought by courier on the ferry to the sanctuary the next day. On arrival, we could see that the pair had been well kept and were in good health. We put them in the Cabin and they were instantly friendly and animated so we knew they would settle just fine. They were both very vocal, Gigi in particular and established themselves both as bold characters, always demanding attention whenever anyone is with them. Soon after their arrival, work was completed on our new ‘Catio’, which is an enclosed outdoor area joined to the cabin by a cat flap. They were the first to go out and try it and really enjoyed exploring the little houses and the climbing tree. During last summer, they had a wander properly outside of the cabin but both elected to return inside at night and still are content to spend the majority of their time in the Cabin and Catio. Mimi and Gigi really have taken to life at the sanctuary.