Miss T


The story of Miss T is one very similar to that of Ruby, who is a very popular resident here. Miss T was brought to us along with another cat after their elderly owner passed away. Shortly after she came in it was soon apparent that Miss T was in a lot of discomfort and was very unhappy. She is Manx but also had a very badly twisted back leg that was making it very awkward for her to sit and it also meant that when she walked she had to do so by twisting her back meaning she was in a twisted position most of the time. This also made her very bad tempered. Almost immediately we had Dr. Ruth take a look at her and as with Ruby a couple of years ago, Dr. Ruth agreed that Miss T would need to have the bad leg removed. The procedure went well and as soon as she was back at the sanctuary in our Thie Noa building, she was moving a lot more easily and at a much quicker speed whilst also being able to keep her back straight. Now Miss T is much happier and content and in early 2018, she began venturing outside when there was any winter sunshine available and although she didn’t go far, she looks very placid when sunbathing on the warm concrete! After all of this, it’s now time she had a sponsor!