Mr Grey


Mr Grey, is a firm favourite with everyone involved at MCS, including his many world wide Facebook admirers.

Originally, Mr Grey came to us with what was a normal situation and settled quickly. He began enjoying his life here and made himself very popular with the visitors and quickly gathered plenty of fans on social media. One day we found Mr Grey in the field in a very bad condition and we were horrified to discover that one of his back legs had a shocking injury to it. He had a laceration that had severed through his leg and exposed the bone of his hind and he needed immediate veterinary care. We rushed him to see Dr. Ruth who was expecting him and he went straight into surgery in an attempt to save his leg. The surgery took some time but we were delighted to hear from Dr. Ruth that she had managed to save his leg and that with rest and time, he would make a complete recovery.

Although we have never been able to confirm it, Dr. Ruth and us agreed that the injuries were only consistent with some sort of snare or laid trap that could have been in the adjoining land to our grounds. Mr Grey returned from the vets as if nothing had happened and did make a full recovery, much to ours and his many fans’ delight! He now deserves a sponsor or two..