Narla’s reason for being here at the sanctuary with us, is another very common one. She has been living here for around three years and she came to us after her owners contacted us whilst they were struggling to manage Narla, a black and white Manx cat. Narla lived with a couple who had a young child and another on the way, and she was suffering with a terrible skin complaint. The couple were attempting to treat Narla which was costing them a substantial amount of money, more than they could afford. Given the couple’s circumstances they were also struggling with Narla being around the house in her condition and so reluctantly they asked us if she could come here.

When Narla arrived at the sanctuary, we could sympathise with the couple as Narla’s skin condition was one of the worst we had seen. Our vet, Dr. Ruth came quickly to look at her and advised us that the course of treatment she prescribed would take several months to take effect. Narla was one of the first cats to be put into our new log cabin, ‘The Willows’ and she settled in really well. Despite her condition she was a happy, friendly cat and enjoyed the company of the volunteers and other cats, her condition wasn’t contagious.

As Dr. Ruth advised, it took several months for Narla’s skin to clear up but we’re very happy to say it has. She is now out and about but spends her nights in the Willows and can be easily spotted on the webcam for that room. After a difficult period Narla would love a sponsor or two now.