Olivia is one of the sanctuary’s real characters. She has been at the sanctuary for around two years and is one of several cats that have come to us from Cyprus. Olivia arrived amongst half a dozen Cypriots and began her sanctuary life in the Rowanberry complex. Olivia is incredibly friendly and has a very bubbly personality. She is always after attention and talks back cheerfully when her name is called! After she’d been here a while, we let her outside and she enjoyed exploring the other areas and moved herself into the main cattery.
Overtime, we did begin to notice that Olivia was not as animated as usual and that she was starting to have some health issues which we couldn’t explain, so Dr. Ruth had a look at her and decided that she needed a scan. The scan revealed that she’d had an operation in the past and had several metal pins and rods in her that hadn’t quite been administered correctly. We then concluded that with the different climate here, the cold weather would be affecting her bones making her joints painful for her. Dr. Ruth has put a plan in place for her which includes regulating pain as we wanted to avoid further surgery if we could – that still remains to be seen. We’re pleased to say, that for now, with treatment Olivia is back to the friendly vocal character that she was. She’s a big hit with visitors and would love a sponsor or two!