Pushkin is one of a family of thirteen cats that we rescued in December 2016, from a derelict house in the west of the island. The owner of the house had moved into sheltered housing and a friend of the lady was feeding the cats in her garden every night. It took about five weeks to trap all of the cats and of the thirteen, only Pushkin was friendly and liked to be handled and fussed. All of the cats quickly settled in and Pushkin really began pushing herself forward and meeting everyone. One day in March, Darryl had a big shock when he entered the room that they were all living in, as he found Pushkin nursing her five new born kittens!

Pushkin is a very long haired girl and fooled us all with her pregnancy as it was un-noticeable. We didn’t have her spayed with the other twelve as we were led to believe that she couldn’t have kittens – how wrong we were! This obviously wasn’t the first litter for Pushkin and she has been a very matter of fact mother, rearing her five kittens perfectly. After all of her hard work, Pushkin now deserves a sponsor or two!