Ruby has turned out to be one of our most famous residents since arriving at the sanctuary a couple of years ago. She was brought to us along with a much older cat, Charlie, who also has become very popular with our webcam viewers. Ruby and Charlie were brought in due to their owner having a premature baby that was very sick after birth and the owner couldn’t have the cats in the house.
On arrival, all was well with Charlie, but we were quite alarmed with Ruby, as one of her front legs was very mangled and permanently off the floor and twisted under her belly towards her back legs. What we noticed with Ruby, who is also a Manx cat, is that she found it very awkward to walk and go through cat flaps. After a few days of watching her, we decided to ask Dr. Ruth to come out and take a look, which she did. Much to our surprise, Dr. Ruth informed us that Ruby’s twisted leg was very much live and must have been very painful for her. There was no hesitation that the leg had to be removed and Ruby went to the vets with Dr. Ruth that night.
After 24 hours, she was ready to come home after successful surgery and we couldn’t believe the transformation in her. Ruby was a completely different cat, her face was more relaxed, her spine was straight and she was managing cat flaps with ease. She spent her first few months in Thie Noa and once she came out she was doing regular laps of the paddock. She quickly became a hit with our Facebook followers and our webcam viewers and she is very noticeable on the lounge and conservatory cameras, as she has a funny hop when she walks about. Would you like to sponsor her?