Many of you will be very familiar with the story of the Nowzad animal charity which was based in Kabul in Afghanistan. Run by ex-marine Pen Farthing, the charity rescued and cared for injured military dogs and stray dogs and cats. There was extensive press coverage for the charity when they had to evacuate Kabul due to the country being taken by the Taliban and all UK and US military being withdrawn and the evacuation process was named ‘Operation Ark’. Once they eventually managed to evacuate the country, with all the animals and staff,  and the animals had completed their quarantine, they all had to be homed.

We reached out to them and offered our support for any cats that they would maybe struggle to home, particularly if any of them were traumatised following their experience in Kabul. We received a message from them, asking us if we could take one cat, called Socks, that they were struggling to home. Of course we were more than happy to be able to help and so it was arranged that Socks would come here to the sanctuary, at the end of that week.

Warren took our ambulance vehicle over on the ferry to Heysham where he was met by the Nowzad team and was introduced to Socks. Of course, Socks was very frightened given that he was back in a form of transport again and although we knew his best days were ahead of him, he did not. Warren did a quick turn around and came back on the next ferry and Socks then arrived here. He went into the very comfortable ‘Willows’ building and we waited to see how he settled.

He settled in very well, once he calmed down from being on the road again, he enjoyed fuss and getting to know us all. He quickly claimed a space on the big bed in front of the fire and due to what we think he was used to back in Kabul, he really enjoys the company of the other cats. That’s always a relief when a new cat is happy around the other cats and it makes it much easier for them to settle. Socks can be seen quite clearly on the Willows webcam would love a sponsor of two.