Tabatha came to us with a sad but familiar story. We were contacted by a lady who explained that her new partner wasn’t accepting of her cat and that he was making life very difficult and unhappy for the cat. Tabatha would be confined to single rooms and the man would lose patience with her very easily. We agreed that Tabatha could come to the sanctuary and she arrived one afternoon.

On arrival, Tabatha was very upset and frightened. She would not allow men near her but to an extent was tolerant of women. For the next few days only women went in the room with her and she was starting to calm down. When we thought the time was right, Darryl and Warren started to go in to the room and clean it, feed her and calmly talk to her. When they were in the room with her previously, she would shout and growl whereas this time, she was remaining calm. They’d also sit in their for a period of time talking and reassuring her and then eventually when she was eating they began to stroke her and she allowed them to do this. This was a good breakthrough and showed us that Tabatha had realised that she was now in safe place.

Tabatha is now very comfortable with life at the sanctuary and has a regular routine that suits her. She lives in the cabin and enjoys pottering around outside on sunny days and is very happy to have fuss from anyone who is offering!