Tiddles is a 13 year old, Grey Manx cat and she came to live at MCS after her owner said she was unable to keep him. After living as a happy family for ten years, with Tiddles being the only pet, her owner brought a new resident into the house, a large breed dog. With this, Tiddles was very frightened and stayed on the top of a high cupboard in the kitchen, refusing to come down. The owner was unable to discipline the dog and it continued to terrorise Tiddles. Despite trying very hard to keep both the dog and Tiddles, the phone call was made to us, requesting that Tiddles came to the sanctuary.

We thought that Tiddles would struggle to settle here with so many other cats and small dogs, however, she took everything in her stride. Initially in the cabin whilst she settled, she loved the company of the other cats but thinking ahead we were worried about how she would be with the small dogs. Once out she quickly moved into the main cattery and was absolutely fine with the dogs.She found a place on one of the worktops in the lounge and that has become her place now. Whenever the dogs are in she stays in her place and looks down on them, but isn’t fearful of them.

One thing that came to light not long after she had been here, is that Tiddles does suffer from the ‘Manx’ problem and goes through stages of being incontinent. Tiddles would love you to sponsor her, she’ll welcome you when you visit and she can be clearly seen in her place on the lounge webcam, to the right of the screen on the long worktop.