We received a call from a concerned lady in December 2018, to say that she had a cat in her garden that appeared to be badly injured. She began feeding it in the hope that she could approach the cat and catch it so it could be helped. Unfortunately for her every time the lady approached it whilst it was eating, it would hiss and spit and then run off. When we heard of this, the lady and us both agreed that we needed to trap the cat, so the next day a trap was set. Within the first hour the cat had gone into the trap and we could then for the first time see how bad his injury really was. He had a very deep wound to one of his back legs that had become infected and it was crawling with maggots. We rang Dr. Ruth who told us that we should bring the cat immediately and she was ready for him. The injury to his leg was too severe for anything to be done and so the leg was amputated and after a couple of days at the surgery, he was brought to the sanctuary after also being neutered.

We named him Timmi and although he appeared to be feral, once settled he began interacting with us and will now be stroked and gives the impression that he enjoys it! This will only improve with time and Timmi definitely deserves a sponsor or two for what he has endured.