We answered the phone one day to a mother was concerned about a cat her daughter had just taken in. She had taken the cat in with the best intentions, as it was straying around a housing estate, and she had seen on social media several posts regarding the poor condition of the cat.

She collected the cat and it was in a much poorer condition than she had realised. It was very emaciated and needed veterinary help. It was given a course of basic treatment and she took the cat into her home, calling her Titch. In the household the woman also had a small child and one thing concerning both her and her mother, was the raging temper of the cat. It was quickly apparent that Titch couldn’t remain in the house despite the best efforts of the woman and so we agreed, with her mother that Titch should come here.

On arrival, we could see what they meant about the temper, as for no apparent reason she would fire up and really mean business, at which point we would leave the room quickly and let her calm down. We gave her a quiet room to live in with only a couple of other cats, one being Jessica, and surprisingly she was absolutely fine with the other cats. In the weeks that followed, as we cautiously spent time in the room with her, mainly cleaning and talking to her from a distance, she calmed down and became used to us. She would approach us and allowed us to stroke her, eventually purring and rubbing against us. Titch also started to put weight on and is back to full strength, we are not sure what was going on with her on the housing estate but thankfully that is all behind her and she is now a very friendly, nice natured girl and loves wandering about for some fresh air and interacting with anyone she meets along the way.