Walter’s story is one you will all be familiar with as was one of the five cats that usually for us, came here form overseas. We were put in a situation where we really couldn’t refuse accepting the cats and believe it or not they came here all the way from Doha, Qatar! All of the cats had something wrong with them and they all had eye issues. Walter and another cat from there, Timothy, were the worst two for eye trouble with the pair of them being completely blind and Walter has had one eye removed.

All of the cats settled remarkably well in the Thie Noa building and they have never oved out of there! Walter is certainly in charge of that building now and despite having no sight he is very playful and manages to chase balls around the room and indeed likes trying to catch flies – how he does that is beyond us!! Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to appreciate the cleanliness of the room and indeed, the smell of the room being clean and quickly likes to make his mark on the clean room by spraying everywhere he can just after the cleaning has finished!

Walter has made himself to be a character here since arriving and with his clear colours can easily be watched getting up to his antics on the webcams and he would love to be sponsored.