Zulu’s story is a very sad but an all too common one on the Isle of Man and maybe elsewhere as well and it is one that we hear almost weekly.

Zulu’s owners were a young family and as many people do at the moment, they were living in rented accommodation. The family did everything they could to secure somewhere new that would accept Zulu and they were in contact with us for quite some time whilst trying to negotiate somewhere, but unfortunately, the only place available to them which they had to take, wouldn’t allow Zulu to remain with them.

We agreed that Zulu could come here and obviously this was then a distressing time for both Zulu and the owners. Zulu arrived and we put him in the Thie Noa building and he did settle remarkably well and quickly. As you can see from the photos he is a very large, attractive fluffy cat and his main pastime is eating! He will eat as many sachets as you are prepared to open!

He is a very loveable character and is very popular here with all the volunteers and was quickly noticed on the webcam and has become a popular figure with the regular viewers. We are sure he is going to enjoy his first summer here and in turn the visitors will have plenty of fun getting to know him! Zulu would love you to sponsor him..